Are you facing the can't connect to this network ever in windows. if you're unable to connect to the internet due to this error in windows 10. Today, I'm gonna share with you some of the possible fixes on your computer.

Can't Connect to Internet Error

Solution Number one is to forget network and reconnect this is probably the simplest way to fix this problem go to the settings of your computer network and internet click on wi-fi in the left pane and then Click on the manage no networks option in the right pane now click on your wi-fi network and Click on the forget button Click on the network icon in the taskbar select your network and click on connect enter your password here and click on next now check if can't connect to this network error is fixed. 

Solution Number two is to update network adapter drivers using advanced driver updater if the first method doesn't fix you problem try updating the network adapter drivers download and install the advanced driver updater to automatically detect outdated drivers and update drivers on windows 10. you can also use the link mentioned in the description below once installed click start scan now button and wait for the scan to finish as it's done you'll see a list displaying outdated drivers look for the network adapter driver and click the
update driver next to it after updating the drivers restart the system and see
if the problem is fixed.

Solution Number three runs network troubleshooting commands Click on the start button and type cmd in the search right click on the commandprompt and select run as administraton next in the command prompt window type the following command shows you on the screen close the command from the window and restart your computer now see if you're able to connect to the internet last is to run the network troubleshooter if any of these methods doesn't fix the
the issue you need to use network troubleshooter to find and fix the underlying problem on your computer go to settings on your computer Click on network and internet click on status in the left pane in the right pane scroll down and click
on-network troubleshooter option now wait for windows to diagnose and fix
connectivity problems on your computer. 

Hope these solutions will help you to
fix the can't connect to this network error in windows 10. which method worked for you do let us know in the comments below.