Upload WhatsApp Status Without Losing its Quality: This article is all about WhatsApp image compression and how to overcome it. And this article is gonna help anyone who is looking for a way to bypass this WhatsApp image compression. I have already done a very detailed post on How to send WhatsApp message without saving their number. It's a very detailed article. If any of you are interested, you can check it out.


Upload High Quality Photos to WhatsApp Status Without Losing its Quality

So guy, Today I will share some tricks to get the best out of WhatsApp image compression. So today I'm gonna share them with you. Feel free to expand your thoughts on WhatsApp image compression and if you have found a new trick, share them in the comments as well, So we all can learn. So let's dive into my findings. 


How do I upload high quality pictures on a WhatsApp status?


The best methods for uploading high-quality (HD) photos to WhatsApp without sacrificing their quality. You should be aware that WhatsApp Status is very popular in social media apps; everyone likes to upload their status like photo or video for advertising his business, but they are unaware of the importance of uploading high-quality photos. So I'll show you how to do it in this article.

Trick Number 1: Simple and Easy Method to Upload Clear WhatsApp Status

The easiest method to not get hugely crushed by WhatsApp image compression is to first upload the file in a chat on WhatsApp(send your photo to your friend), then select that image and share it as status. 

Note: Don't forward it, Share it. 

You can see there a difference between the images that you directly upload as status and by using this trick. Try it and you can see. That's a substantial difference even without using any apps. One note though, If you have already uploaded the same file directly as status, and then you try to upload it to a chat, it will use that “status compressed file”. Hope that makes sense. 


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This is because WhatsApp had already deal with that file and a compressed version of this file is available, so it uses that file rather than compressing it again and making another copy of it. So make sure, first, upload the image to chat then share. If you have already uploaded to status, delete status, then do this step. So that's the simple trick for uploading a quality picture as Whatsapp status. 

Trick Number 2: WhatsApp Web

Now we are gonna discuss some things. I will show you another cool trick that can sometimes give exceptional quality. I have tried uploading with WhatsApp web and then sharing the image to status, but that won't work. It caps the image at 1280 px, but if you upload an image from your phone to a WhatsApp chat, it doesn't cap at 1280 px, So uploading through WhatsApp web doesn't give a high-quality image.  

Trick Number 3: Use Instagram Story

So the final trick that may give you a really nice quality image is, first upload the picture that you want to post as a status to Instagram as a story. Before you post, make sure you go into the settings story and the “save to gallery” option is enabled. Then post the image as a story then after posting quickly delete it(if you want), 


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What this does is, will save the story to your phone. And we are gonna upload that story image as WhatsApp status. That should give you the best possible result. So that's been it. So if you are someone who likes to test out and find solutions to problems. Feel free to contact me on Instagram and we can maybe work together in finding a trick that bypasses the WhatsApp image compression. 

So that's been it, hope you guys found this (How to Post Photo and Video WhatsApp Status Without Losing Its Quality?) helpful.


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