Tips and tricks to fix your Slow Android Phone : Whether you are using a flagship device or budget smartphone you have at least once experienced lags on your phone and it's not a good feeling. Apps take too much time to open up, sometimes the whole Operating system crashes, it is such a mess. 

Hey guys Today I will give you some tips to speed up your android phone. 

Tips And Tricks To Make Your Android Run Faster

So, without any further ado let's get started.

Trick Number 1:

I’m gonna be starting with the common reason for the laggy experiences that is; use of crappy apps, like battery savers, cleaners, speed booster and bloatware. I advise you to not use these apps, especially cleaners and speed boosters, The main problem with these apps is that it runs in the background for no reason, and it utilizes a lot of the CPU and memory. Another thing is that; when you clear up them and open the application that was previously in the background, it needs to be loaded up again, because it is not in the RAM. Which will make the phone even slower, So don't do it. And the battery saver apps, don’t do any magic, what all of these battery saver apps do is; turn down the brightness and disable a bunch of things, why you need a special app for that? when you can do that in a matter of seconds or use the battery saver that comes with your phone. I totally get the reason why some people use junk cleaner apps, I use a junk cleaning app too but I don’t use an app just for that, you know what I mean, find some app that has this as a feature and does not run in the background, I use es file explorer it is my goto file manager and it has junk cleaning feature in it. Bloatware is another problem, to get rid of the apps that were in your phone since the start; you need root access, if you do, use this app;” system app remover” and get rid of the useless bloatware. And if you don't have root access, force stop the applications

Trick Number 2:

So the next one is kind of obvious, the reason why the UI seems so laggy is when your phone has to do more than it is capable of, so we will try to make the phone do fewer things, so one of the things that we can do is reduce the animations, either you can completely turn off the animation or just reduce it. Change the settings on your launcher and on your android settings.

Trick Number 3:

The third tip is “just update your phone”, I’m only trying to roast people who don't update their phone even if they have an OTA update available. It just blows my mind that some people still believe that updating the android version will make the phone slower. Guys if you are one of them, it is such a lie and a myth, The only way you are gonna get a bad experience after the update is if the newer version has some bugs, but the chance of that is very low because this versionsare tested by hundreds of users before it is pushed out to the public. So please update your phone, Speaking of a newer android version; If you want to run a newer android version and you don’t have the update available, then root your device and flash a custom ROM based on a newer android version. It is so easy. Just google it,

Trick Number 4:

So the next tip is kind of the same as the first one, That is, Don’t force stop applications and don’t clear app cache, Force stopping apps and clearing app caches widely used for making the phone “ run smoothly”, But what most people don't, it is actually doing the opposite, let me explain. The older android versions had some serious memory management issues, so that is why people on the forums and on the android community told each other to clear up the memory manually, but nowadays, Android is actually really good in memory management, so if you force stop all of the apps that you use frequently. Then when you are gonna open these apps again, the phone has to load up all the essential files to the memory again, which will consume more power and time, which will make the phone slow. But if you are gonna force stop an app, that you know you will not be using that often then, it is a good thing,

Trick Number 5:

 Another common thing, that I see a lot of people using our widgets, especially those widgets on the notifications, I use zooper widgets a lot, But They don’t consume as much as memory and battery power as some other apps, so if you want your phone to run smoothly, reduce the no of widgets that you have on your home screen and on your notifications, Widgets are cool but don't overuse it.

Trick Number 6:

 I’m pretty sure most of you watching thisvideo has their phones’ memory almost full. That might be “the reason” that is making your phone run slowly, I’m not gonna get into the technical side of it, but what I’m gonna say are some tips to avoid this situation, You can always delete useless files, and you can also move your personal data such as photos and videos to an external drive or to a cloud server, Google photos works really well, there is no limit you can upload photos and videos as much as you want. For storing documents and other files I use mega, you will get 50GB for free per account. And there is an app as well, so it will super easy to just move files to mega from your phone.

Trick Number 7:

So the last tip is; use lightweight launchers like nova or pixel launcher or any other similar ones, those will keep your phone safe from lags, If none of this seems to make a difference to your phone, Then factory reset your phone or root your device and flash a custom ROM with a custom kernel having some neat features, and your device will be as good as the new one. And I’m pretty sure some of you will ask me whether overclocking works or not, the short answer No, but it can make a difference, a slight difference, And overclocking your CPU will drain your battery so fast.

So overall it is not a good way to fix your slow phone. These was 7 Ultimate Tips and Tricks to Fix your Slow Android. That’s pretty much it, hope you guys liked this If you did, give it a share.