Recover Deleted Videos: I accidentally delete the best movie from my device? How do I recover deleted videos in Android without rooting my device? Is there any special software to be used? Don't panic. The Answer is Yes. You can recover deleted video on mobile.

Hey, guys, we are back with another Quick Tutorial. Today I will show you how to recover your deleted videos on your android phone without using a PC or having root access. 

How to Restore, Recover Deleted Videos On Android Phone Without Root and Without Computer: Quick Tutorial

So just a disclaimer before we start. So how these apps find your video is, when you deleted something from your phone, usually, it is not erased. Your phone will mark that file that you deleted as “deleted”, but the raw data of that file will be there until some other file writes over it. 

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So using this app, there is no 100% guarantee that the video that you deleted last summer will be recoverable. 

Step by Step How to Recover Deleted Video


So the app is called “Deleted Video Recovery” you can download it for free from the play store. Download it. 

Step by Step How to Recover Deleted Video 

Step 1: Download Deleted Video Recovery App from Google Play Store.

Step 2: Then open. Then tap on this restore button, then tap on “Restore Deleted Videos”. Then it will start scanning….. wait for a couple of minutes.

Step 3: Then tap on “show deleted files” and here you get a list of all of your videos which might include non deleted videos as well. But they are organized as folders.

Step 4: So if you are looking for a WhatsApp video that you deleted, it will be in the folder which has all the other WhatsApp videos.

Hope that makes sense, that can make your search a little bit easier. 

Note: Also, this app has a lot of ads, so when you are using this app, just turn off wifi and data. That's about it. Hope you guys found this helpful. So that was
How to Restore, Recover Deleted Videos On Android Phone Without Root and Without PC using a small and simple applicatio.

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