Did you know that despite being extremely popular Android still has tuns of hidden features that a lot of users are unaware of? So today I'll share new Android tips and tricks you didn't even know about.


 Best Android Hacks & Tricks You Should Know in 2021


Trick number One: Share a video to start playing at a specific time: If you want to share a YouTube video at a specific time with your friend go to youtube and play the video you want to share also the video at the time you want people to start viewing tap the share button under the video title then tap on the copy link now open watch app and open the chatbox and paste the video link and type ?t=00m37s and send it. Here 00m37 which stands for the time you want the video to start and the video will start playing from the time you select rate isn't it an easy trick.


Trick number two: if you want to play 4k videos on your Android phone without VPN all you need to do is open YouTube and select your 4k video now check the quality of the video its 480p then tap on the copy link and go to the browser and paste the link in the address bar then tap on three dots at the top right and select desktop view tap on the Settings icon and select quality. 


Trick numbers Three: stabilize your video with google photos open google photos select your video and then tap on the Settings icon at the bottom middle of your screen now tap on stabilizing it will take some time to stabilize your video and here you can see before and after stabilized video.


Trick number Four: to convert webpages to pdf open browser on your Android phone tap on any article outside back on tea dots at the top right tap on the shirt and then tap on brain next tap arrow icon at the top and here you see an option named save as PDF tap on and tap on PDF icon wait for the process to get completed then tap on silly horizontal lines at the top left and select Google Drive to save files tap on save and that's it.


Trick number Five: enable floating TV for this go to Play Store and install or update the g-hold app then open a notebook or wherever you wish to type now tap on to the dots option present in the first row of Deeboin the next screen select the floating option to enable the floating keyboard and that's it now you can move the keyboard anywhere on the screen by tapping and dragging the icon at the bottom to disable it tap on three dots and tap on floating again to revert to normal mode.