If you think turning off the location button will help you, think again. The real buttons are hidden deep within the Google settings, and unless you turn them off, Google and other apps will continue to follow you. Hey guys, what’s up! Today, I will tell you 12 tips and tricks for your Android device. 

12 Amazing Android SECRETS, TIPS, and TRICKS

Now without any further ado, let’s get started- First, let’s hide our location from Google. To do that, head over to Google settings in your Android phone, Tap on data personalization and toggle off the location history. This way, Google won’t be able to track you, at least for some time. 

Now, if you're having signal problems in your home, what should you do?
There's no need to worry because we've got you covered. If you have a smartphone then you have the option in Android settings where you can tell, the position where signals are the strongest. So you won't have to keep bouncing about looking for signals any longer.

Now there are times when you miss a really important notification in between all the irrelevant notifications, but what if I tell you I have a way through which you can see all those missed notifications just like that. Simply go to the widget settings, look for the settings icon, and select "notification log" from the drop-down menu.

Now that we're talking about alerts, why don't we get rid of all the ones that aren't relevant, like these offers and so on? Simply press the I button near the app to get the app's alerts. Here, untick the ones which you don’t want like I don’t want to know about the latest offers so here I am unticking the irrelevant ones. The best part is you can even remove the system notifications and that is quite useful because I don’t always like it when my phone notifies me about the screenshots that I took so here is what I did. 

Gone are the days when you had to go to google, translate the text, and then get back on searching. Now, the Gboard typing app can translate the text right there itself, just tap on the Google icon, and the translate button, and you are good to go And just like me, if you are a Hindi speaker then this Android trick will prove pretty useful to you. 

Now, I know that apps like Share it are available for quick sharing these days, but one of the drawbacks of such apps is that they are sometimes loaded with advertisements and harmful information. So how about FilesGo from Google, which not only lets us share files easily but since it’s Google, you can finally say goodbye to ads.

You also get a terrific file organiser tool sans advertisements, as well as a garbage sweeper, so I think it's a fairly good deal. Google Camera or the more common word “GCAM”. This is now a very popular hack but I think it was important to us to include this in our list. In other words, you can download the Google Pixel camera app to your device. I guarantee you'll notice a significant improvement in picture quality once you instal the programme. The portrait and night modes, in particular.

And thanks to the XDA developers, who have an entire database on the availability of GCAM apps, for different phones so you can check that out. Moving on, if you have friends that have no boundaries. So, here's how you can make one. You may do this by going into the Android settings and turning on the screen pinning option. Simply go under Android security features under Screen pinning and you're good to go.

This way the other person won’t be able to switch to other apps until you want them to, pretty useful right? Now I know a lot of you are not in the habit of using Google Assistant. But if you are, then, here is a trick for you. Ok Google, good morning. By the way, this was my daily morning routine. But I think Google routines is one of the best features of Google Assistant because here Google does a bunch of tasks on just a single command. Like what the assistant should do, should it play music if yes then which one and different other things? 

And similar to this, Google has a bunch of routines. And all of them can be tweaked so I think it's a pretty amazing feature If you are fond of a dark mode on your device, then you will definitely like this. Did you know that you can also have a dark mode on the Google Chrome app? For this, you will just have access to the Chrome flags and turn on the dark theme experimental options. And since the feature is still working, you might see some errors in the implementation of the dark background. Moving on, if you have Android Q installed on your device, here are some tips for you.

And by right now, I'm referring to those who have the Android Q beta 3 installed. Of course, if you haven't yet installed it, you can skip this section.Ok, so one of the best things with AndroidQ is that you now have the option of changing the theme of your Android device. You can find the settings in the developer options. Also, the themes are system-wide so that's a pretty cool feature.There is also a new approach to launch Google Assistant now that the Android Q pill button is gone. Previously, you had to long-press to open Google Assistant.

It isn't particularly smooth, though.So, guys, those were some amazing tips and tricks for Android devices. Let us know in the comments if these tips helped you, and which one did you already know about. That’s all for today. I hope you liked the article.