Airborne Internet - Advantages and disadvantages: Today we will discuss what is airborne Internet? The benefit of airborne Internet and limitations.

What is Airborne Internet?

It is internet broadband which provides high-speed wireless internet connection by placing aircraft in fixed paths over hundreds of cities. Airborne internet is very useful for transmitting identity, location, and also direct video footage that will help Homeland security fight against terrorism. The goal of AI is to provide a communication link between aircraft. 

Technology in our society is growing. People are using new methods to extend the traditional network connectivity that came from a wire to a computer.

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Airborne internet is used for specific purposes. It is a complement to the satellite system but can not replace it. Researchers are working on the development of the Airborne Internet.

The aim of basic network is to connect mobile, vehicles, including automobile technology, even plane. Everything should be connected or something like that.


Advantages and disadvantages of airborne Internet

Advantages of airborne internet

It has the potential of providing a number of benefits 
This internet technology will increase productivity and economic growth.

It is very useful for these things: increase security, reliability, and scalability.
The Airborne Internet is a private, secure and efficient communication network for peer-to-peer aircraft.
Lower cost.
It's pretty easy to access the airborne Internet
Increase innovation.
Increase flexibility.
Reduce risk.
Access to the airborne Internet is relatively simple.
Fast, reliable access to the Internet as well as quick & easy for file sharing process.

Disadvantages of airborne internet

It will affect our environment and harmful for environment.

The airborne Internet is not going to be completely wireless. 

There will be ground-based components for any type of airborne Internet network.

Consumers will need to install an antenna in their home or business to receive signals from the network hub overhead.

You need to real this: