Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: The future of technology Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The terms - Machine learning and AI artificial intelligence is closely related And it's not wrong to say that the abstraction level between these two words is a fairly thin line and they can be Interchangeably used, but when I say machine learning or artificial intelligence, what most of the people saying is the same old terminator movie. You think that there is going to be some Tx 9000 machine that is going to come up from the future, is going to destroy entire humanity, you start panicking and And you will, you just think that there is not going to be any need of programmers in the future and a lot of theories like that? 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

What is Machine Learning and AI? and What is Deep Learning? 

Hey, hold down there! This is not a fictional movie, if this could have been true so we should stop testing with a Gamma-Rays because it can generate a Hulk and we should stop looking into space because we may find aliens and that may invade the earth. There might be a Thor coming up to save all of you and there might be a Spiderman roaming around and who knows, there might be a Batman, too! So hold on your horses we need to talk a lot about machine learning and what actually it is.So put down your terminator movie theory aside for a minute let's talk about machine learning and AI. Now machine learning and AI all these are branches of computer science with Almost who are doing their masters and Phd might have studied in their curriculum as well. They are closely related. The actual definition of Machine learning, deep learning and AI.

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What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning has the ability to learn and get better at tasks through experience. Machine Learning brings statistics and computer science together to allow machines, without being programmed to do so, to learn how to do a given job.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial well it can be anything that is made by humans things that are not natural and what do you understand by intelligence it is the ability to understand think and learn so what do we get when we combine these two together artificial intelligence is a broad area of computer science that makes machine seem like they have human intelligence. The goal of AI is to mimic the human brain and create systems that can function intelligently and independently they say that the age of AI.

What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is an exciting branch of machine learning that uses knowledge, a lot of information, to teach computers how to do things that only humans have been able to do before. In recent years, Deep Learning has emerged as a core instrument for solving perception problems.

It's the state of the art having to do with computer vision and speech recognition. But there's more. Increasingly, people are finding that deep learning is a much better tool to solve problems like discovering new medicines, understanding natural language, understanding documents, and for example, ranking them for search.

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