Hello Friends, A very warm welcome to this blog.  Most people want to start working as a freelancer. But they don't know how to start their freelancing career.  

In this post, I'll talk about freelancing. What is freelancing? How you can choose a field and start freelancing. The ongoing pandemic has made things worse for most people around the globe. We have already heard troubling news from multiple industries like tech,  insurance, sports & entertainment, hyperlocal marketplaces, travel and tourism etc.


What Does 'Freelancing' Really Mean?


What is freelancing?

Let's start this article by discussing what's freelancing?  If you do a project for an employer or client without working for them full-time, using a contract or agreement Then you're providing a freelancing service. And, you're a freelancer. 

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A lot of people are unaware of the fact that they can provide freelancing services through both online and offline channels. Let me give you an example. Imagine that you're a graphic designer. You can provide your services online but in addition to it, you can also work with a local printing press, a publication house, Or if there is a book publication house near your house, Or if there are any businesses where you can provide your services then you can approach that business directly Show them your portfolio and seek work. 

However, since going out of your house is not safe right now We're going to focus on online freelancing platforms. You can do freelancing jobs through online platforms. There are so many online platforms And in fact, a lot of these online freelancing websites including Fiverr, UpWork, and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a critical platform for any freelancer.  You can create your brand on LinkedIn And find freelancing work from LinkedIn itself. So, you can provide freelancing services through both online and offline channels.  


Different Types of Freelancing Fields


So, let's move to the next part of this post. Let's talk about the different types of freelancing fields, niches, and industries that you can start working in. 

When it comes to choosing a field in freelancing the most important thing to understand is that Any work or service that you can perform online or using a computer can become your field in freelancing.

For instance, if I take my example, I am a blogger content writer, article writer, and marketing consultant. I work with a lot of Indian as well as international businesses.  And provide my services to these clients right from my home. However, it does not mean that you can only do online writing. I am going to give you plenty of examples Let's start with a graphic artist. 

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You can provide freelancing services online as a graphic artist. The second example I would like to take is that of marketing. We all are aware of the importance of digital marketing in the current social-media-driven era. Each and every business has a Facebook profile. A lot of businesses are trying to leverage Instagram to create their brand. Every business shares relevant content with their target audience on Twitter. 

So individuals who provide these services to companies or businesses must understand that a lot of small businesses hire freelancers to do these tasks. which makes digital marketing an interesting field to start your freelancing career. 

In addition to it, if you're a programmer or have competent coding skills then you can make programming and coding your freelancing niche. Another example is that of translation. If you know how to translate one language into another which is quite popular, then it can be another field that you can provide freelancing services in.  

What I mean to say is that you can do freelancing in multiple industries and categories. Let me share one last example with you. If you have good typing skills then you can also try data entry. The rates of data entry jobs are quite low in the offline market.  But, you can find better-paying data entry jobs as a freelancer.

Now, let's get into the most interesting part of this post. 

How can you start your freelancing career in India? 

First of all, the most important thing to understand is that when you're working with a client as a freelancer you're providing services directly to the client. There are no managers overseeing your work or bosses to cross-check the quality. You're dealing directly with the client. So, the first thing you need to do is to become a professional Whatever service you're providing, do it in such a good manner and quality that the client becomes a repeat customer. Secondly, become a specialist.  

I've come across a lot of freelancers or individuals trying to start a career in freelancing committing the mistake of providing all kinds of services. Don't try to offer different types of freelancing services. Take a single field and continue providing services in that field itself. There are several benefits of being an expert in a single field. 

The medical industry is a big example when we talk about specialization. Take an example. If you're suffering from a simple disease, you go to a general practitioner. But, if you're suffering a serious ailment, It could a skin infection or any kind of acute disease Then you visit a specialist. 

Freelancing works in a similar manner. You should become a specialist in your field. When you become a specialist, you witness higher demand and you'll also be able to charge better rates. The third and most important thing Now that you have become a professional, deliver high-quality work, so it's time to create your profile. 

There are several platforms when it comes to freelancing and you can choose any of these. I usually recommend Fiverr to most people as it takes only a couple of hours to create your profile and gig on Fiverr.  You can create your gig, provide information about yourself as a professional, and then start selling your freelancing services with your gig. So, let's start with the first topic. You need to become a professional first. 

Let's find out how you can become a professional. For those of my friends who are already working somewhere and reading this article. You already have a professional skill. So you can use your existing skill and start providing freelancing services. But, for those of my friends who are not doing a job or are students or want to earn a part-time income The first thing you need to do is to acquire a skill and learn to do some kind of work in a professional capacity. There are so many ways to become a professional. 

Since offline classes are not available right now. You can do some online courses, Learn how things happen within your niche or industry. Let's take the example of a freelance graphic artist. Start learning photoshop. Or any similar software for a graphic designer. So that you can create a high-quality product. 

Start with a relevant course for your industry. Improve your skill. Now, test whatever skill you have acquired. Let's assume that you're providing a freelance service online. If you're a graphic artist and you've just started doing some professional work. Test your designs on your social media platform. If you are in touch with people who are working in the same field, Take their feedback. Seek an honest review of the quality of your work. Or, how can you improve the quality of your work further? 

Now, coming to the second option: Once you've completed your course, another way to strengthen your freelancing profile is to do a certification. Having a certification can help your freelancing career. Whenever I cite examples of certification I usually talk about Google certifications. Let's imagine that you're in digital marketing. Google provides multiple certifications for free. 

Some of these include Google Adwords certification Google Search certification. Once you finish these Google courses, you receive a certificate for the course. This certificate proves that you have completed an international course. It indicates that you're an expert in your freelancing field. Your profile becomes strong. So, that's how you become a professional. 

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