Install two same apps on android: Looking for how to run two different accounts of  Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. then this article is only for you.

I'm gonna share with the tricks or tips How can we use dual apps in one mobile.

Sometimes, we need to access different accounts on a single social media platform. There are some apps which provide you the facility to switch between accounts without logging out from one. For example Facebook, Instagram, etc these are the apps which give you by default features to switch account.
How to use dual Apps in one phone?

Here you will find...
  • How to use two WhatsApp in one phone
  • How to use two different Facebook account in one phone
  • How to use the dual application in a single mobile
  • How to use parallel apps in the mobile
  • How to use 2 Whatsapp in one phone
  • How to install two same apps on android
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How to install two same apps on android?

I'll share two ways on how to use dual apps on mobile.

  1. Using Mobile Default Setting (Dual Apps)
  2. Using Third-party App - Parallel Space

Sometimes we need to access multiple accounts in single app so in this situation you have to do this.

 #1. How To Use Dual App Using Mobile Setting (Using Dual App Features):

In the latest smartphone, most of the companies provide by default settings (Dual App Feature) which allow you to clone apps.

Step By Step Guide for how to use the dual app.

Step 1. Go to the mobile setting and tap on Features. 

Step 2. Now, find the DUAL APP PROFILE setting and just click on it.

Step 3. Now, you will see the list of installed apps with the enable buttons, now select the application you will use the dual account. 

Step 4.  To enable Dual Apps for a specific app, simply turn on the switch next to its name. You can enable/disable any apps as required.

Step 5. Once done, Go to the app drawer now, and you'll find multiple app icons that have been enabled for Dual Apps. The second profile of the apps will have a small blue lock symbol on their icon.

Note: The above steps are the Lenovo users.

If you have any other android device then you can follow the list below... 

There are a List of mobile companies and the location of the Dual App feature.

How to enable dual apps features for other smartphones?

Go to settings, and follow the path(Dual App Location) mention below.

Lenovo: Dual app profile
Setting>Feature>Dual App Profile> Enable app you want

Xiaomi (Mi): Dual apps

Settings / Dual Apps

Samsung: Dual Messenger
Settings / Advance features / Dual Messenger

Oppo: Clone Apps
Settings / Clone App

Vivo: App clone
Settings / App clone

Asus: Twin apps
Settings / Twin apps

Huawei:  App Twin
Settings / App Twin

Honor: App Twin
Settings / App Twin

#2 Using Third-party App Like Parallel Space:

How to use 2 same apps in one phone using parallel space?

If you don't have by default features of Dual Apps then you can use this method to do Dual Apps.
There are many apps available on the play store which allow you to run Dual App on a single mobile.

There is a very popular application called Parallel Space. It allows users to run multiple accounts in a simple application. In other words, Parallel Space lets you move between two accounts with just one tap on the same device. You can create multiple accounts on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, or any apps that are installed on your mobile.

Parallel Space also gives you the features of downloading beautiful themes for Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, Twitter.

How to Use Parallel Space for Dual Apps?

Step 1: Go to the Google PlayStore and download (& install) an app called ‘Parallel Space’, Just Type Parallel Space and install it.

Step 2: Open the app and tap on Continue, Give some basic permission and tap on Start wait while loading the page...

Step 3: Once done, select the apps you want to duplicate or want to run dual and tap "Add to Parallel Space" and click on Accept.

Step 4: Now, you see the list of your selected apps on display. Click on any app you want to use. YEAH, it's done

You can also create a shortcut for a parallel app. The shortcut created by Parallel Space has a white background for easy identification.

Similar Apps Like Parallel Space are list below. You can also use it for duplicating apps.
  • Accounts
  • Multi-Accounts
  • App Cloner
  • Whatsapp GB (Only for Dual Whastapp)

Final Words:

The above mention is the two best ways to duplicate apps. You can use any for the method you per your requirement. That's for the article guys.
So this was tutorial for How to use dual Apps in one phone?. Before you go, Check out our guide on “How to download movie subtitles on android device” by clicking.

how to install two same apps on android

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