Congratulations, you are selected. You want to listen to this sentence. Don't worry about that, today I'll share some knowledgeable article on How to find Jobs in India?

Sometimes, It is difficult to find Job. If you don't know where to apply? and how to apply? then you are at right place. full step by step guide on How to get Jobs in India?

Jobs in India?

If you have passed out of college with high marks and still not getting any perfect job? then this is the right place you are landed.

If you were not hired on a college campus interview, don't worry campus interview is not the only an option for getting a perfect job. There so many other ways you can try for a better job.

There many ways to find a jobs online and offline. Today I'll share some best platforms where you find a better job.

By using these methods you will be able to find a perfect job for you and your family.

1. Find Job Using Google Job
2. Using Linked In
3. Find Job using references
4. Indeed
6. From Companies Career Page

How to find Jobs?

6 Best Ways to Find Jobs In India

These are the platforms/ways to find jobs in India. Don't worry if you are fresher. you can also get a job. being fresher is not a big deal.

1. Find Jobs Using Google Job:

Google Jobs: Google has its own job section called Google Job. It the best place where you find best job for your career. Google jobs is a very user-friendly platform searching job. If you don't know how to search in Google jobs? or Are you new to the Google jobs option? don't worry just follow the steps below.

How to Find Jobs on Google Job?

There are following steps to find job using Google.
Step 1. Open Google

Step 2. Search term related to your field for example, if you are an I.T. student then search like this > "web developer job near me".

Step 3. Now you will get a list of jobs nearby you. You can also see the categories of jobs like full time, senior, designer, etc. Select the perfect job...

Step 4. If you have picked the best job for you then click on it, now you will see detailed information about that particular job. here you will see job qualifications, salary details, etc. 

Step 5. After analyzing all the best and if you are ready to apply for that particular job then click on Apply on (XYZ) button. now you will be redirected to a particular job web portal or website.

Step 6. Full all the detailed and wait for the company interview call. It will take 1-2 days to call for a fresh job requirement.

You can use a filter like the past 3 days post, location, type, etc.    
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2. Using Linked In:

Linked In is the most popular professional social media platform. You can find many jobs on this particular website. Using this platform you can easily get perfect job. Linked In also provides a job section where we can get job alerts. 

If you don't have linked in account, then go and create it now because linked in is for the professional social media platform which will help you to find the best job.

How to Search Job On Linked In?

First of all, you need a good looking profile on linked in. Goog looking means correct information about you. Make a professional-looking profile. When someone views your profile and doesn't find perfect information about you then why will he or she message you or hire you for a job. After you did, follow some company or make some good connections. You can directly search the job using the search bar and apply it. Post some quality posts. After that, if you don't get any message or phone call then you can directly post like looking for a job change or something like that.

Rember one thing, write this line in your about section - "Looking For Good Opportunity" or Looking for Job.

If someone sees your profile and reads this line that there will be high chances of getting an interview call.

3. Find Jobs using references

Today, most of the company hire employees by references for security purposes. After they try other ways to hiring employees. Some you can contact your friend, relative, seniors, who are working and tell them you looking for a job, if their company has any vacancy then there is a high chance you will get the job. Many companies give a bonus or promotions to their employee if they help to find a good employee for the company. 

Company bhi khush aur employee bhi khush... Happy + Happy

Happy * 100 HAHA...

4. Indeed

Indeed is the best online job portal for finding a job. You can easily find a job on indeed. For finding a job on indeed all you have to do is register and create a good looking profile. After that, you can apply for a job. 

5. is yet another best online job portal to find a job. To find a good job from you have to sign up and create a job profile. After that, you can easily apply for a job. You can find jobs using online portals like

6. From Companies Career Page

This is also the last and final method of the list to find the job. Most of the companies have their career page on their website where you can apply for a job. To apply for a job, you have to register or you can directly send your profile on their email. Multi-national companies have their own career portal. 

Final Words:

I have given all the information that I know about how to find a jobs in India. If you found it helpful then please share it with your friend so, they also can get a good job.

If you have any queries, you write it in the comment section. I will try my best to answer all of your questions.

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Good Luck!