Job Using Linked In India: Are you tired of searching for good job? don't worry this article is all about how to get a job using linked in India 2021.

In today's article, I will clear your confusion of how to use linked for the job? and what is linked in? Can we get a job using linked in?

What Is Linked In?

Linked is a Professional social media platform. It is also the most popular professional social media platform. It is the world's largest professional network. There are various types of social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Linked In is also one of them but a professional social media platform. Professional means let me explain you with an example: on Facebook, we can share our daily life and like personal photos, videos, etc, but in linked in people share their business and company-related stuff. 
The basic difference between Facebook and linked in is that: In FB, people shares their personal life & In LinkedIn people shares their professional life. Now, how we can get a good job using this platform.

How to use linkedin for job search

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All you have to do is just follow the steps below, these are the steps which will help you to get a good job.

1. Create a Good Looking Profile on Linked In

If you don't have linked in the account then go and create an account on linked in. Good looking means if someone comes across your profile he/she must click on it, the person should be curious to know about who are you? make profile something like that. Use high-resolution profile pic, if possible then update professional photo of you. So, your first step is to CREATE GOOD LOOKING PROFILE.

2. Add Proper Information About You

Fill the proper data: your profile should be updated. fill all the detail about you like Intro, About, Background, Skill, Accomplishments, Experience, etc. Don't keep empty filled, if your profile is full of information then there will be high chances of getting a job invitation.

3. Keep Your Profile Up to Date

Your profile should up to date about everything like your recent experiences and skill etc. Your updated profile picture and your qualification. Post on a regular basis. 

4. Build Good Connections

You can import your contacts and can make good connections. Importing your contact is also a good way of making new connections. Your connections will increase your visibility exponentially. Try to make a good connection so people can find out your profile and can contact you for hiring.

5. Use the Job Section

Linked in has also a job section where you can easily find out vacancies available in the company. You can directly apply for an interview using this particular section. You should try this feature of linked in. If you are really serious about a good job then please try it now.

6. Write a Good Headline in Intro Section

Your headline, your profile pic, and your name are only items people see when they do a search or scrolling feed. Your headline should very clear about what you do and what actually you are looking for. You can also write the headline like this "Looking for Job Opportunity". This particular line linked in will show recruiter and other you're open to the job opportunity. So try this one. 

You can directly post like Looking for a job or something so if people see your post then they can contact you about the hiring process. 

Final Words:

So, guys, these were the points or strategies about how to get a good job using linked in.

I have given all the information that I know about how to find it from linked in. If you found this article helpful then please share it with your friend so they also can get a good job by following this process.

If you have any question, you feel free to write it in the comment section.

Good Luck!