Today, We will see what's the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality. This VR & AR look quite similar but both of them are different due to our presence.

What is Virtual Reality? What is Augmented Reality?

This is quite confusing how both(virtual reality and augmented reality) differ from each other but don't worry. 

Explained Difference VR & AR(Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality)

What is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

That's why I am here I will show you some nice and cool points which will leave you amazed. Maybe everyone knows what is virtual reality and maybe you have experienced it but there's also augmented reality which is different from virtual reality in the past I knew a little bit about augmented reality.

Recently I find out that how cool is Augmented reality it just blows my mind away specifically Microsoft's hololens is outstanding feeling excited to let's get started in simple word virtual reality is where you bring the whole new world in front of your eyes let's take a simple example to suppose you have Samsung Gear VR and Google cardboard and you are on your sofa wearing one of these now when you wear something like this let's say Google cardboard you are ignoring the whole world including your surroundings and you are looking at the completely new world now you are blind to real world you don't know where things are and who's sitting next to you on another part you are wearing Google cardboard which creates a whole new virtual world. 

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In that virtual world you can be anywhere from the top of Himalaya to down in the ocean or lost in jungles of Africa with virtual reality you can go where you never been you can experience yourself on Mars or on the moon exploring the whole planet also when you move your virtual world will also render accordingly just like you are in the real world and this is because of sensors now listen carefully in virtual reality you bring the whole new world in front of your eyes so your real world is now completely blocked. 

So you cannot see what's happening in real-world all right to better understand let's experience it assumes that this is your google cardboard and you want to explore the new city where you never so place it before your eyes and you can see the whole city now you can even go in the jungle and how about space cool na you can see all these even between four walls of the tiny toilet because it is the virtual reality you can't see anything from real-world everything you see is artificial if you want to see dinosaur you will have dinosaur but also jungle and all surrounding will be artificial also there will be no real-world object now let's go over the augmented reality. 

This is pretty easy for me to explain actually I don't even have to explain it because maybe you actually tried augmented reality then you may say no man I never wait did you see Pokemon go it is a perfect example for me to explain in augmented reality you will have your real-world rememberPokemon go and within your real world, we have artificial objects in Pokemon go. 

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You can say pokemon so you have artificial objects in your real-world unlike virtual reality in augmented reality you can even see your real-world let's look at Pepsi's bus stop prank did you see that everything was from real-world but that meteor was artificial and affect it cause ohhooo that was amazing now let's see some really cool and you can say productive things this is a demo of hololens at build 2015 from Microsoft everything is from real-world except that Skype weather info this video player and other Microsoft stuff.

You can even move objects like this so you can have entertainment wherever you go and as big as you want totally mind-blowing let'sexperience it assumes that you have something for augmented reality lets say that is advanced hololens so you wore it and you are sitting next to your laptop now you can have tiny dinosaur dancing on your keyboard or Mr. bean in your room so in virtual reality everything is artificial and you are from real-world but in augmented reality, everything is from the real-world except that object which you want if you think this cleared your mind don't forget to share it and keep supporting.

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