Today We will talk about some amazing and confusing topic and that is artificial intelligence vs machine learning vs deep learning/ AI vs ML vs DL if you haven't heard any of this word then this may look headache to you but everyone pays price for something right.

So let's take a quick tour of how all of them are related to each other on the top we have artificial intelligence AI then machine learning is a subset of AI and the last one is deep learning which is also a subset of machine learning. 

What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML)  &  Deep Learning(DL)?

So all three are related like this so let's start with AI. Artificial Intelligence is just machines who act like humans maybe you have seen a movie Terminator where there was a machine who looks exactly like humans and can perform similar tasks to humans. 

That's an AI it looks like science fiction but nowadays it is becoming reality is not just talk of a couple of years concept of AI lies in history since 1950but in that time we didn't have that much data for AI to work correctly because needs a large amount of data to work efficiently best example of AI can be Tesla's self-driving car email spam filter google's AI-powered prediction fraud detection, video games, smart homes, and many more. 

So basically AI is just human like a machine who can perform similar tasks to humans more effectively and more accurately on the basis of large data so how an AI works for that let's go deeper and talk about machine learning. 

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Machine learning is all about algorithms machine parse that data learn from it and then make a prediction you can say that machine can learn on its own from large amounts of data and algorithms with that said machine learning provides the ability to learn automatically and improve without being programmed. 

So machine learning development of computer programs that can observe and analyze data and learn on their own do you know how online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart find out what we want and recommend us they use machine learning to make online recommendations one more big word in machine learning is a neural network. 

But in this article, I don't want to make it more complicated if you want to know more on this topic let me know by commenting below let's check out more examples that use machine learning.

  • Number One  - Voice recognition systems such as Siri and Cortana
  • Second - Facebook
  • Third - Google map
  • Number four - World's biggest search engine Google
  • Number five - PayPal PayPal also uses it for fraud detection
  • Number six and your favorite - Netflix yes this is also on this list. 

Now you know what is machine learning? and some good examples now let's go for what is deep learning: deep learning is a way to implement machine learning it's all about constructing machine learning models or you can say that it is a machine learning technique that teaches computer most of these deep learning methods uses neural network architectures and most people also refer deep learning models as a deep neural network. 

So if someone talks about the deep neural network it is a deep learning model which uses neural network architecture biggest advantage of deep learning networks is as the size of data increases they also improve so in future when data will go on a large scale there will be more improvement did you remember the example of self-driving car it uses deep learning to recognize stop signs and can also identify people's walking on the roads if we talk about how deep learning works it uses neural network architectures here. We have input hidden layer and output deep learning models are trained by large data and these neural network architectures I don't want to give you a headache by going deeper into this.

So let's see some cool things you can do using deep learning first of them is colorizing black and white images awesome number two adding sound to silent movies amazing object detection from image number four last but not the least automatic game playing so you can say that deep learning is used to emulate human ou may have some confusion but don't worry it's how it is it's not as simple as what is 2+2 if you are still confused between these three here's the simplest form from me AI is just a machine that can think and learn how machine learning is about developing programs that can learn from data and for these machine learning uses deep learning and deep learning is a way to implement machine learning alright are you fine with this if not then chillI am NOT gonna kill you if you don't understand all this even this article can't completely describe about all three just gives brief introduction one more thing let me know which topic from above three was most complicated and irritating by commenting down.

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