Hello everyone, Today we will discuss the Advantages & Disadvantages of the Internet. Let's get start it. Pros & Cons of the Internet in 2021.

Advantages of the Internet

These are the benefit of Internet. Pros of Internet.
1. Instant information The Internet is a source of information and Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. Almost, all information can be found on the internet. And whenever there is an emergency to get information about something, the internet is the source which can help you in this matter. 
Advantages of the Internet

2. In past years, there was a huge gap between transferring the information from one place to another. For example, the post was transferred via airplanes, trains, buses, etc. and they required days to months for sending that post to another place. Whereas the internet is that tool that sends information within seconds. 

3. Payment you don’t need to go to the Cable office for paying your bill so that you can see tv channels for free at your home. Because, in this generation, PayTm, PayPal, and so many tools are there which help to pay bills within seconds. And you don’t need to stay in line and wait for your number to pay bills. 

4. You can work without energy on offline mode Suppose, I want to have my Id card and for that, I have to go to the government parliament and after going there, I have to wait for hours to get my number but it was the traditional pattern. Now, I can easily get my id card by staying at home and without spending energy as well as time. 

5. Can talk to anyone around the world social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. are the things that can connect you to anyone around the world. You can call or make a video call to your relatives and talk to them which gives the feeling that you are with them. 

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Disadvantages of the Internet

1. Eye-related problems you have to use the internet for your work, your eyes are being exposed to the computer screen or mobile screen which continuously emits light and hence, after a long period of usage of the internet, you may have eye-related problems. 

2. Time spend searching for proper reference no doubt the internet is the best source of information, but in this generation, there is too much information available on the internet due to large competitions and hence it is very difficult to find the exact or proper reference for your work. 

3. Cyber-crimes we all know, a coin has two sides, no doubt the internet has so many advantages but still, people who have bad intentions, can harm you by stealing your data from the internet and selling them to the international black market or by blackmailing you. 

4. Health problems you don’t have to move your body for doing anything on the internet, no doubt it gives comfort, however, it also gives health-related problems such as back pain, headache, itching of eyes and so many more. 

5. No emotional touch you feel that you are alone because everyone talks with you on the internet however there is a lack of physical presence which is very good for communication. But it lacks here. And this is why no emotional touch is seen in people.