If you would ask my friends were gonna watch movies with me to tell you one thing sixty percent of the time I walk out of the movie.

I literally get up and walk out a movie I don't know anyone that walks out of movies more than I do because I don't like to waste my time watching a movie without a point to it and you can't keep my attention to be watching the movie is kinda like reading a book for two hours give me a message move me to tap into my emotions humor anger laughter you know whatever.

Best Movies For Entrepreneurs

I want to feel the pain I want to feel it right and so I think the part of the entrepreneur that's got the creative side were to bring always go and it's got the imagination you're always thinking thinking thinking things movies helps a lot in tapping into that imagination at least it does for me. I know among things who I've had loads of movie nights with people who.

I was measuring and building and many many movie nights because we're going to sit there and I remember one-time movie came out is in my top 10 list no but I think it's my top 100 this I am legend came out if you remember I am legend a lot of people in all it's a terrible movie and I said what do you mean it's a terrible movie.

I think the same 10 people that's terrible we went to the movies to get us and I want you to watch you seven different points this means this that means this means I never thought about it as I said I am a legend in the life of an entrepreneur work if you look at it from the eyes of an object a life of not only that makes so much sense so it's also known what point you're trying to get from the books that today what I'm going to do is I'm going to cover with you top 10 movies for me as an entrepreneur and why you ought to towatch it and I'm going to make my points for each one of them on why you want to watch it so number 10 for me as a social network many of you have probably why social networks I may put it a little bit higher than - social network or tail tells a very very good story of Mark Zuckerberg who builds Facebook and when you're building facebook what things they went through you know a college kid 18 years old.

If you put your minds together what you're capable of the building but it also talks about the darker side ideas being stolen somebody takes it away from you it was somebody else's how do you protect the idea can you ever protect your ideas someone can take it and make it better than you what do you do with that do you needNDA's do you need NCS then when they interviewed Zuckerberg and they said what did you think about the movie you know what is best comeback was said you know the movie shoulders party a lot more than we work as I remember the party that much I remember working a lot another thing about the movie of a social network that's very important Zuckerberg was not the visionary October was a technician.

He was the product guy but he was a visionary then showed up our sean parker is the guy that started Napster Sean Parker comes and he says this is not a million-dollar opportunity this is a billion-dollar opportunity landmark didn't see that and then all of a sense to get this could be a billion opportunity than both Facebook becomes what it is today is worth 200 200 300 billion dollars conform billion-dollar company and the stock keeps going up the broad Sheryl Sandberg who figured out a way how to make money for the company on you know fan pages and advertisement all this other stuff.

I think this story there's a lot to be learned from the story when you watch it as an entrepreneur also gives you a lot of inspiration know you're not the only one that's going to craziness number nine is not a movie it's a show it's a series I've never ever in my life I've never in my life ever watched any show from the beginning to the end never but, I had a friend of my car loss from Ohio is a Cleveland guy who is him and my dad simultaneously within a minute or two they sent me a text pad you gotta watch house of cardsI'm like listen I'm not gonna watch shows just watch house of cards.

I'm not gonna watch house of cards what are you talking about just watch house of cards I said okay I'll get to it every time house of cards that kept coming up with everybody house of cards house across now watches out watch shows I don't do any of that stuff so it's Saturday tomorrow at one o'clock at Sunday on a Saturday the next day I'm supposed to go to Italy I got a flight to Tuscany I'm taking 4050 of our friends we're gonna go to Tuscany and God we rendered a 20,000square-foot village gonna have a great time together okay great so on the way to the village before going to the middle of that night I said I watch one of so might that contact just watch one episode ten o'clock and I watch one episode he watches to with me now at eleven o'clock he goes home.

I watch all 13 episodes that night and go to sleep and I went on the flight to Italy myself slept the entire way there and I think it's 12 or 13 episode somebody's at 13 episodes are 13 of the first season it teaches you the darker side of politics on what happens in politics but there's a part of it that also has to do with business because in business there's a lot of negotiations there's a lot of things that happen behind closed doors that you know on the front and everything looks great oh my gosh so good we're doing so well behind closed doors I am fighting all this crazy stuff that happens power plays that people try to pin you in a corner and they try to do this and all this other stuff.

I think there's a lot good to be alone there's a lot of darker things in India in the house of cards said that doesn't necessarily happen that dark and business it doesn't bigger but not necessarily as you're trying to get two million bucks or two million bucks but I think there's a lot to be learned from the house of cards when you watch it so that's number nine number eight Goodfellas let me tell you why I put number 8 as good fellows with Ray Liotta and the Nero and Pesci one of the things about Goodfellas is knowing that you know sometimes someone could turn on you and don't let you change your values and principles on what you believe in stick to your values and principles but no and study people's trends on how people's trends are will typically trust trends a lot of people coming from the papal your son have changed I want to do this on the most loyal person.

I'm gonna be with I trust trends more than I do words is what I do so if you've got a friend or you got a partner you got somebody that's close with you that there's trends of to many things that just seems like a little bit of shyster little bit of a little bit of that this guy could turn on me you need a little bit of paranoia with that there are certain people like seven different bad things to happen every time to scroll or disguise my back these are solid trends I don't really worry about anything happening there but this guy's got way too many trends sometimes you need a little bit of paranoia with certain people not everybody but certain people you need to trust your gut and your intuition as you're building business that's what Goodfellas tells me number seven is pursuit of happiness pursuit of happiness is with will smith and his son right and a lot of pursuit of happiness because pursuit of happiness a great story are Brax to riches you know you can go up there and wrecks to riches. 

The one thing I love most obviously he worked at morgan standing with her Chris Gardner I actually can we put a picture of Chris Gardner night atone event uh you know gentleman asked me to host it I think I hosted the event and I brought up Chris Gardner and it was great introducing them and getting a chance to speak to him and he ran a story because he's a Morgan standing with God the things I love about grip the movie pursuit of happiness 'as a single father who made it happen with no excuses but most importantly is the efficiency of his time when he was making cold calls I did call calling for a long time with my business and it was knowing that the most important skill set you gotta run as an entrepreneur is selling and hustling. 

If you're not selling and hustling from five-thirty in the morning till ten o'clock 11 o'clock at night did you gonna you're not it's you just decreasing your chance of making it there's a certain level of hustle that the entrepreneurs got to have and he took it to the highest level and you know the story of what happens with him and business all that other stuff and now they do a movie about some pretty phenomenal story?

So I reckon pursuit of happiness that touches on a lot of different things number six is a movie I'll probably watch the most times in my life because when I was in the Army we probably watch this movie two hundred times and most people haven't seen this movie and some people will say is Tom Cruise worst movie of all time and its called cocktails to me was phenomenal I mean I've seen cocktails I don't know how many times we've come back from boot camp will not boot can we come back from work from the motor pool we hit the gym, Estep, at fort Campbell Kentucky hundreds airborne division would come back put on a movie what you want to watch cocktails or roadhouse but typically cocktails one and we watch cocktails and the great thing about cocktails is here's a guy was a bartender was a dreamer ok was a dreamer and events he's always reading books always and this other guy who plays so well my gosh she's such a great actor who is constant look at him there's this one scene where he spied him in jamaica and the other guy the bartender'spartner who takes a girl away from him is at the bar and he's not with a rich girl which is what both that.

I wanted to do and Tom Cruise the character date a girl who he falls in love with but decides to leave her for another rich because you wanted to marry into a rich girl but he didn't realize that that girl is richer than any of these other girls and it's a very very good story of a guy that went from nothing and at the end, he starts his bar I think the cocktails and dreams or something like that and just a lot of great lines it's a very emotional movie on the fact that it becoming an entrepreneur is not about being a billionaire son of a celebrity status it's not about you know having the cars I mean I bought a Ferrari because I truly love Enzo's mind.

I'm a visionary product today my wife and I were seen having lunch at ph and we're debating over kid their kids name our daughters do today baby is due today she's 40 weeks today my wife any point I can get a text or call and I gotta run off and go to the hospital with her and we're seeing that we're going through names for babies and she's telling me how you know this name I want to stay because at this name you know that person was this and that presented this and I'm saying iwant this one because this person does this on a story behind it I mean I respect and so for what he designed I want to Italy to his headquarters in a three-time Ferrari world champion drop me in the Ferrari 458 Italia and me 167 miles an hour and rain and a two-lane highway and Maranello. 

And I said I want this thing but entrepreneurship is not about wanting that thing it's not just about the Ferrari or fifty thousand dollar watch are living in a multi-million dollar has 10,000 that fine but the story of an entrepreneur is a guy that just says man I want to build my business I want control I want happiness I want to make money I want to build my own identity I want to free this what I want to do and they do it and that's the story of cocktails it's a very you don't have to be a billionaire to be identified as an entrepreneur you could simply run a bar that everybody in the community comes to Friday Saturday there are the same people that come because you do such a great job and you make one twenty-year but it's a restaurant the community knows about that's what cocktails about love. 

The movie number 5 is a casino number five is a casino and one of the things about a casino is important when you watch the casino is knowing you know which bridges to burn and which bridges not to burn casino is also about knowing that someone who was once your enemy could now end up being your biggest all and somebody who was your biggest friend can now end up becoming your biggest enemy it also teaches you how to cross you not to cross it teaches you to know that if you keep consistency and build a credit in the streets or in the business of delivering and being a leader you will generally be fine if you're the guy that delivers on your promises. 

And if you don't arm eventually no one trusts you and you end up being alone hence you know how the movie ends this is also Pesci movie and it's also Niro movie see how the movie ends and the Nero was a guy that was probably the most stand-up guy and he kept building and somebody else wanted it faster wanted to power all this other stuff it also talks about choosing the right spouse choosing the right partner you need somebody new corner and being a little bit more diligent about that than just a fun part Sharon stone I think there are a lot of great messages and casinos that anyone can pick up as an entrepreneur to let me know when force number four is a film that was a friend of my Steve event and told me to watch it many years ago. 

And I have heard about the movie but I never watch it's called The Count of Monte Cristo and some of you may say so my gosh one of my favorite movies count of Montecristo isa great movie because you know it's a story of the reason why this connects with me a lot and it resonates with me a lot because 

                               I'm the guy that went from being a couple of my life was a complete 180 no one believes my friends can't connect with me today because they don't understand what the hell happened to Patrick David it's very difficult and I don't try to put them in their face or say anything to them about my success I don't ever bring up the top of money or any of this stuff that I mean when we talk we just got how you doing what's happening with family because I made a complete 180 I went from the guy that parents and stay away from 1.8 all this other stuff trouble chasing squirrels chasing girls it's all I wanted to do that was my priority from morning till night. 

I mean I club thatwent to bars I ipod good it was so important to me till 21 22 andthen all of a sudden one event that has a heart attack I read a book and I just completelyflipped I hit rock bottom girl left me crush myheart nothing in the bank I'm alone in acorner in a while cry like a little baby at 21 22 I've been hustling I've been doingeverything I lost my identity and I said I cannot stand this identity I hate this identity I want to prove apoint to myself that I have more to do my life because I don't know whysomething in my belly tells me I'm destined to do some special my life thiswas 21 22 I felt like this since I was a kid butthis was the first time that there was a purpose behind it and Count of MonteCrisco christos about a person re-creating themselves is about how yourecreate yourself into person that nobody else recognizes and all of us and you become the guy that everybody is listen to because your voice has become so big and people choose to want to follow your voice not force. 

As dictator choose to want to follow your voice because of what you're doing to people and how to completely change yourself that's what the movie is all about great movie number four spot number three we get closer number one number three is a movie BYE MOM men who a lot of this guy acting there's a Washington to me as incredible as well as Russell Crowe to my favorite guys in the same movie you probably already know what movie this is American Gangster is purely and entrepreneurs movie some of you guys may say about every single move your recommended as a gangster movie or somebody getting killed but I tell you why American Gangsternumber three American Gangster is a story of distribution. 

American Gangster is a story of mentorship you remember the way the movie starts you know a frank Lucas his mentor with somebody was shadowing and he wasn't trying to overpower his mentor one day his mentor at furniture stories and has a heart attack and the legacy gets passed down to Frank Lucas and Frank made it even bigger right now yes it was blue magic yes we're talking drugs yes it was something terrible but take the concept of distribution here's a mentor somebody you watched every move watch everything he's doing every single thing he's saying every single habit giving away turkey doing this one are you watching every single thin.g 

You're watching your learning you're seeing a fight that the guy that's a fighter street respect he's got street cred people respect to ScottI'm warning from this cat home now it's my turn now what do you do with that luck is you're going to be arrogant cocky thinking it's all about yourself and let that get your head are you really gonna advance the slides in he gets to work and he becomes a leader the brothers following the cousin's everybody comes and starts working for him yes high standards one time he slips with a standard the reason why I ended up costing his entire business where's to flash it with Cody never wear flashy cuz you always said only the loudest person in a room. 

So he goes to wear this flashy cause its girls started buying into the nice stuff he made a mistake he can get his girl to realize it's not about all the nice stuff only we got a state we got to stay strong got in bone you got caught and the next thing you know the rest is history what takes place and Russell Crowe comes into the questioning and etc you know how this whole thing is nobody expected him to be the main guy everybody pointed to ArmandoSanto Asante who was the main put everybody thought that was him but it wasn't it was him an African-American man running the entire shop is what made it confused because you have to change there's a scene at the end where they change it up.

She's the main man is the American Gangster at one stage you've got $275 million in cash sitting around not checking out cash sitting around communicating is $75 million you can bring money in banks now and he brought things to a whole new level amazing movie I've put the number three spot if you haven't seen that's a wonderful movie to see that's what it's all about.

If you come from a lineage or your family's been into business and entrepreneurship and they've done very well most entrepreneurs typically connect with the underdog story right no one believes you could do it no one believes you have what it takes no one believes you have your smart enough no one believes you have a working you see division you buying - you working is no one sees how are you working to getting rejected cheque knocked around knocking on losing losing losing losing fail been a boom you got a victory and you know it took me ten thousand hours to and you know 10 years to be an overnight success that whole story you hear about well that's what ends up happening and number two-story is rocky number toa movie to me is rocky preferably for me is rocky for but some like one two three I say I like 4i and think that five of them were strong with Tommy Morrison six.

This most recent was kinda weird with Creed but you know you watch rocky for it's a different story than you watch rocky one shows when you coming up and you're hungry and you're going to the pie you want to find a girl as well you find a gentle friend you gonna fight that no one's expecting you do anything to draw an Iraqi to comes and a 3 you going facing someone like Mr. T, 

                                        you know Mr. coming in a clubber lang and all this other stuff he's doing and you know calls your wife out and you I'm a better man a drink if you just fire right in a rocky for comes if you made it and now you have so much money so much care so much and then you're afraid of losing it you're afraid of losing it's no longer about the game of boxing it's no longer about the fight is no longer about just what you love to completely forget about the fact that you don't you love the game now it's all about the money you forgot about the fact that everything you did was you know the the the South Park coming no one's expecting. 

He's a fighter you can knock them out he's got a strong job and in age and I'm afraid what you afraid of I'm afraid but I can't be afraid You think everyone's scared but I'm not scared, and so the entire scene by the sea but you remember from the lake, look at it and that's just preparation the rival kills his friend Apollo Creed he comes here to see wherehis up the staircase and his wife's all the way at the top and she's lookingdown and you know someone you know and understand anything is like you can youwant to die and he looks at us like my life doesn't believe in me and he leavesit gets in a car i think the Black Lotus I think it's a black lotus and then home he's driving and there's the scenes ofit's just like free membrane his friend Paolo how we first came up and met theseare moments that happened to me and it happens on how many late-night driveshave I had or have you had with you just like over you doing this thing for fromthe beginning why and then you're thinking we had nothing we had nothinggoing on and all of a sudden why the hell are you taking it forgranted cherish what you build bring that hunger factor back now whathappened dig deep what is the next thing you'regonna fight for that's Rocky for you Rocky is any anytime bone some happensright number one I don't think there's a moviethat's going to teach you more about leadership entrepreneurship running the shoprunning a business deal with conflicts dealing with enemies dealing withcompetitors than Godfather. 

I just don't think there's any of itmore than that and there's a lot of stories and you know one is differentand two and three and everybody says one is the best or something like - I don'tthink too many people say three is the best but it's typically what istypically I would say first one right and and you you see what happens whocomes into power and he didn't wanted he fought it so much I don't want to bethis I don't want to live this life I don't want to be this and pull somehappens to his dad and he takes it over and he becomes three becomes any becomesbetter than his dad and his respect and his brothers didn't seem as that and addthe fat battle with the brothers and you know the other scene with Andy Garciacoming up and and he becomes three becomes and I'm just a big fan of andygarcia it's just a very good movie Godfather isa very good movie you learn a lot of different lessons and godfathers you know it's a very very good movie forany entrepreneur to watch so i put that at the top of my list and it's very hardto beat that movie . they're just a lot of lessons in a movie so look these are my 10 I don't know what your 10 / these are my 10 a matter of fact. 

I have a top 100 list have a top100 list on my website that goes through every book and every movie that is my top 100 lists and it explains why I think is my top 100 list and that is on my website Patrick david.com phone go to that website see what the top 100are and comment on the bottom if you have not my first there's a movie you've seen that I haven't seen a comment on the bottom I'd love to see it myself you can even come on the bottom here on what you got out of this one here and by the way, Mario needs my pillow man need my pillow I'm gonna keep reminding you because we need your help what we want to get this channel we believe this is the number one channel for entrepreneurs on youtube so many of you who are the most incredible fans loyal fans who comment I try to get back to you guys every single time you keep commenting and sharing this with everybody. 

We appreciate it we love it as of right now I think we're at 39 or 40 thousand subscribers on this channel all goal is to get 200,000 subs by august 31st we're watching something very very major august 3rd week of August which will announce to you a very very big very very very very big that will be announced to everybody people keep telling me that I want to learn more about entrepreneurship. 

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